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Corn Potato String Band brings down-home sounds to middle schoolers

Middle schoolers were treated to a magical set from the Corn Potato String Band this week in the Friedlander Outdoor Forum, as the skies cleared and the temperatures started to climb. But don’t worry about missing them at Greenhills — you can still catch them at The Ark this coming September, instead.

Senior Run 2018


Every year, Greenhills seniors celebrate senior release day by donning t-shirts from the colleges they’ll attend and sprinting from one end of the school to the next — although sometimes the congestion caused by the cheering throngs of other classes slows things down to more of a stroll. Here, thanks to video by Greenhills junior Emily Gitlin, is what it looked like Friday.

’07 alum recalls Greenhills in talk honoring Cum Laude Society inductees


If you couldn’t make it to this week’s induction ceremony for the newest Greenhills members of  the Cum Laude Society, catch this video of 2007 grad Leah Bromberg’s inspirational welcoming talk, instead.


Greenhills Jazz takes audience to “East Detroit”

Greenhills musicians have the chance to soak up many influences, including some of the great local jazz talent brought in for assemblies by music teacher Neil Donato. Here Greenhills Studio Jazz covers “East Detroit,” an original composition of one such band, the Hughes/Smith Quintet, that visited Greenhills earlier this year.

Spirit Week prompts spirited “Battle of the Bands”

Ready for a big dose of Spirit Week rock ‘n’ roll? Greenhills freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors are ready to oblige!

Senior Bella Pryor speaks at U-M Model UN Conference

The future is in good hands, it would seem.

Warm up with Greenhills jazz!

Who’s up for a little jazz on a cold January day, courtesy of members of the Greenhills Jazz Band?

Holiday caroling with the Greenhills Chorus

Given our recent snow day, this song may be at the top of the Greenhills Chorus’ hit parade. Happy holidays!

Integrated Public Speaking program

Like every other Greenhills 9th-grader, Makayla Harris participates in Greenhills’ Integrated Public Speaking program, in which each student writes and performs a speech of personal introduction. Students choose from a broad range of categories including family, goals, hobbies, and more, organize their ideas, add a bit of humor, create a visual aid, and rehearse the entire presentation until it goes smoothly. Makayla delivered her speech earlier this month.

T-Wall B-Ball 2017 highlights have magic … and more magic.

This year’s 26th annual T-Wall/B-Ball event, organized by Greenhills service learning students, once again drew hundreds of special needs students from all over Washtenaw County. The result, as you might imagine, was magical.