College Counseling

The college counseling program at Greenhills is designed to support and serve  Greenhills students as they seek challenging and rewarding ways to continue education after graduation. Approaching each student as an individual with distinctive strengths, needs, and aspirations, the college counseling staff also seeks to provide assistance for the student’s parents. We focus on helping students find and matriculate at a college or university which will offer appropriate challenge and support, which will be comfortable, and at which they can maximize their growth.

College CounseThose of us who work in the college counseling program look forward to assisting you throughout your college planning process. Group meetings of several types commence at the beginning of the junior year, and at the midpoint of that year, each student will be assigned an individual college counselor. College counselors will be there not to dictate what you should do, but instead to help you recognize your strengths, explore your educational goals, conduct effective college searches, complete your applications, and decide where you will matriculate. The overall process can carry a certain degree of stress, for both students and parents, since it’s about your future. But in its best and most appropriate form, this stress should be made up of a healthy mixture of excitement and anticipation about the opportunities which lie ahead. We are here to answer questions, offer advice, listen, review your materials with you, help you to surmount challenges, and to be your advocates throughout. We strive to help make this process educationally relevant, reflective, and fulfilling.

Over the years, Greenhills students have found their way to a wide variety of post-secondary educational institutions around the nation, and literally around the world. We are proud of the efforts we make to help that to happen. Students and parents: please feel free to contact us at any time.