Department Philosophy

Arts education is essential for every student.  The fine and performing arts faculty take to heart their mission to promote creative expression, communication skills, problem solving, and inventive thinking.  Courses and opportunities outside the classroom inspire lifelong appreciation through active participation in a variety of arts activities.

It is through personal discovery and experimentation, coupled with consistent involvement in the arts that skills are developed, appreciations are formed, and creativity is encouraged. Musical, artistic, and dramatic experiences expand students’ horizons, develop creative and inventive thought, and provide unique experiences for self-revelation and reflection.

The Department of Fine and Performing Arts at Greenhills School consists of faculty in the disciplines of visual arts, music, dramatic arts, and forensics.  At Greenhills, we produce several events each year that involve all of our artistic disciplines.  Students in music groups perform several times each year for parents and friends and compete at MSBOA and MSVA festivals during the year.

The arts faculty, aware of the many different learning styles of our students, uses a variety of methods to teach concepts and techniques, including imitation, visual imagery, sensory imagery, written notes, aural cues, and emotional ties. Our facility is excellent, including two dedicated visual arts rooms, two music classrooms, a multi-purpose studio, and state-of-the-art theatre with dressing room and scene shop. We have each tried to put our personal “stamp” on our teaching spaces, making them inviting, warm, and inspiring for our students.