Middle School


It is my pleasure to welcome you to Greenhills’ middle school.

Jonathan Schwartz

Jonathan Schwartz
Head of Middle School

Greenhills is a place where young people learn to make sense of the wider world. Along the way, they hone the skills that will help them follow their academic, artistic, and athletic passions as they move through young adulthood. Our middle school program provides a strong foundation upon which future academic and professional experiences can be stably built. Our program is mindful not only of the importance of academic rigor, but also of the need to develop habits of discernment, camaraderie, and compassion.

When I first joined Greenhills’ faculty, I noticed that many students, by their own choice, arrive to school early. They sit in our forums to read, to chat with friends, or to meet with teachers. At the end of the day, many students linger, reluctant to leave a place they enjoy. One parent recently said, “I’ve often been outside, waiting for my kids at three o’clock, and I’ve been struck by how few students actually exit the building right after their last class.”

Before becoming the middle school division head, I taught 6th grade English at Greenhills. Each fall, I would hold a meeting with my academic advisees to see how they were feeling about these first months of their middle school experience. We would sit in a circle, and my students would share their impressions. At the start of one of these meetings, one student said, “Every day, when I wake up in the morning, I feel so excited to come here.” Her peers jumped in to agree with her. They spoke of the positive connections they had with teachers and peers, the engagement they felt in their classes, and their gathering awareness that Greenhills is a vibrant community in which they play integral parts. I was aware then, as I am now, that our students are Greenhills’ most emphatic spokespeople. When you visit, if you chat with any among them, you will learn much of what Greenhills offers.

Our institution embraces the rapid development that takes place throughout the middle school years. Our faculty well understands the need to accept all students for who they are—at each moment, on each day—while working to lead them toward the next developmental milestone. We know that new technologies will continue to create new jobs, to reshape the skills required in existing disciplines, and to remind us that the abilities to communicate and to solve problems will remain salient. At Greenhills, we foster a collaborative team in which faculty, staff, students, and parents work together to forge a dynamic community.

Please do drop by for a tour of our school. We look forward to meeting you.

Jonathan Schwartz
Head of Middle School

Middle School Curriculum

Middle school is an exhilarating time in the life of a young person, when abilities and interests are constantly explored and discovered. In our middle school program, young adolescents are helped to understand big ideas and concepts while applying major skills and tools of critical thinking and inquiry in language arts, science, social studies, math foreign language, wellness and fine and performing arts.

Middle School Signature Programs

Greenhills middle school supports intellectual, physical and emotional growth. With the help of some unique programs, our students are challenged, nurtured and fully prepared for their upper school experience.

Middle School School Life

Middle school students are encouraged to nurture interests and discover new ones in a multitude of activities which include clubs, service learning, and athletics. Apart from academic classes, these activities offer students inclusive opportunities to connect with another group of peers and to take healthy risks by trying something new.