Our middle school curriculum challenges students to:

  • Think systematically, discovering connections and finding meaningful relationships within and across disciplines.
  • Participate as global citizens, becoming actively aware of the world, respecting and valuing global diversity and diversity within our school community.
  • Demonstrate adaptability and a willingness to cope with uncertain, new, rapidly changing, and often challenging conditions.
  • Develop confidence and competence to effectively use communication and social skills, including writing, public speaking, and collaborating in person and digitally.
  • Effectively manage information including finding, evaluating and synthesizing information, organizing and transforming data, and interpreting various representations of data.
  • Strive to self-manage, self-motivate, and self-monitor to work independently and as a member of a team, and to monitor one’s own learning.
  • Contribute to a positive and inclusive school community that embraces caring for the welfare of others.   This includes learning how to assume responsibility for actions, accepting consequences, and learning from mistakes.

Faculty teams meet weekly to discuss each student and his or her progress, needs and goals.