Upper School

The many programs in and out of classrooms at Greenhills upper school are characterized by independence, rigor and courage. We want the students who come here to walk out equipped with the intellectual tools and hunger for life that will enable them to navigate the complexities of a changing world.Our graduates will design approaches to global dilemmas that no one has thought of; they will pursue noble goals with enthusiasm and joy; they will learn well because learning, for them, is a pleasure.Profound changes in both cognitive and ethical development happen during adolescence, and at Greenhills we count it a profound objective that our students understand the close connections between the world of the mind and the environment we occupy and shape. To this end, we offer students a rigorous college preparatory curriculum that will prepare them for the challenges of the finest colleges and universities and the ongoing evolution of the 21st century workplace.

By balancing study in various subject areas with interdisciplinary opportunities and co-curricular activities, our aim is to produce principled, responsible learners who can succeed in any endeavor and who shy from no challenge.

Upper School Curriculum

When students enter the upper school at Greenhills, they encounter a dynamic four-year college preparatory program designed to maximize personal and intellectual growth. With an average class size of 16 students, our dedicated faculty prepare young people to thrive in college and beyond.

Upper School Signature Programs

Greenhills offers unique opportunities to its upper school students. We encourage each student to be independent, confident and mindful of the moral, ethical and social obligations that come with being a member of the larger community. Here are a few highlights.

Upper School School Life

Students are encouraged to participate in school life outside the classroom. They learn to balance their extracurricular activities with their academic lives and often discover new interests and friendships that stay with them far beyond their years at Greenhills