Greenhills graduation requirements are as follows.  Please see the course guide for complete class offerings, which may vary slightly from year to year.  Department chairs, class principals and student advisors are always available to discuss your student’s course selections.

English4credits.  English I, II, and III are required. Students must select an elective course both semesters during senior year to complete the graduation requirement.

History and Social Science3 credits.  One credit in World History, one credit in United States History, and one additional history course of choice.

Mathematics 3 credits.  Students must progress through Algebra II.

Science3 credits.  One must be in life science and one must be in physical science (Chemistry or Physics).  We strongly encourage students to take at least one course in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Modern and Classical Languages – 2 credits.  Must be two sequential levels studied at Greenhills School, though three years of study is strongly recommended. When possible, we recommend the entire sequence of study.

Fine and Performing Arts – 1 credit.

Health½ credit.  This requirement begins with the Class of 2015.

Service Learning – Students are to participation in an approved project that is to be completed within one calendar year, January to January.  3 total projects must be completed during the student’s upper school career.