In 1968, Greenhills opened its doors to 64 students. Today, approximately 520 students in grades 6-12 traverse our halls. As we celebrate 50 years of extraordinary education, we stand upon the foundation of our past and reach toward our future.

Lasting relationships define the Greenhills School experience. Stemming from a deep commitment to helping students reach their full potential, faculty, families, and the students themselves work together to create a positive and collaborative learning environment. By supporting our young people through their challenges and celebrating their achievements, bonds are formed here that will endure for a lifetime.

The Greeenhills at 50 capital campaign ushers in a new era for Greenhills School.

Founded upon a strategic vision, this fundraising initiative is updating and expanding the gathering spaces that lie at the heart of the school’s daily life.

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A reimagined library that creates flexible learning opportunities and embraces mobile technology.


Expanded dining facilities and a lunch program that meets the current and future needs of the student body.


Reconstruction of Towsley Field and Track

With nearly two-thirds of the Greenhills at 50 campaign’s fundraising expectation achieved, the school has embarked on the re-creation of the soccer field and track at Towsley Field.

The school’s lower, south field is significantly smaller than regulation size for lacrosse and field hockey, compromising our ability to host tournament or playoff games. In addition, teams often cannot practice or play on the undersized field because of poor drainage that leaves standing water or muddy conditions. The need to keep Towsley Field in shape for our soccer often precludes its use for other sports and by our wellness classes.

The new field will provide a more durable, synthetic surface for soccer, field hockey, and lacrosse. Regulation sized for all three sports, this all-weather surface will promote usability and greatly reduce the number of games and practices cancelled due to the poor conditions of our grass fields. The new field will also accommodate unlimited, all-season use by our health and wellness classes.

The school’s original six-lane track was on schedule for replacement, at a significant expense, in the next two or three years. The reconstruction of the field it surrounds provided an opportunity to create a new Olympic-style, eight-lane oval with space inside its end-caps for field events, including the high jump, long jump, and pole vault.

The investment in Towsley Field raises our facilities to a level consistent in quality with athletic programs in our area and beyond. In summary, phase three of the Greenhills at 50 campaign features:

  • Widened synthetic turf on Towsley Field with maximum durability and minimal maintenance for year-round use
  • Replacement of aging, six-lane track with a full eight-lane, Olympic-style track
  • Year-round use for middle and high school health and wellness classes
  • Accessible equipment storage

Estimated Cost: $3 million


Find out how you can be a difference-maker in this campaign, and leave a legacy that will be felt by students for generations to come.

Paul Gargaro Director of Advancement
Teresa Casey Director of Alumni Relations