6th Grader rules as Greenhills geography champ

DSC_5674The battle went, literally, to overtime, but in the end Greenhills 6th grader Navya Ashok emerged the undisputed winner of this year’s National Geographic geography bee. 

The middle school geography bee, held in the Campbell Center Jan. 19 during assembly time, began as a hard-fought competition between more than a dozen students. Each fielded questions about domestic and international geography, with landmarks ranging from natural features to interstate highways.

We’d share some of the questions and answers, but National Geographic has sworn us to secrecy.

By the time the bell ending assembly sounded, contestants had successfully parried questions about areas as diverse as Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula and Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. Students remained in the game until they made a second mistake.

But the contest wasn’t yet decided. The two finalists, Maya Comer and Navya Ashok, went head to head for several questions before Navya, after the bell had rung, gave the right answer to the final question. We still can’t give you the question, but the answer? The Philippines.

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Navya earned a medal and a chance to represent Greenhills at the state bee April 6. Each state champion earns an all-expenses-paid trip to Washington, D.C., courtesy of the National Geographic Society, to participate in the national championship in May. The national champion receives a $50,000 college scholarship. Congratulations to all who participated!

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