Welcome to Naviance and Family Connection

What is Family Connection?

Naviance and Family Connection is a Web-based resource that supports college planning that is specific to Greenhills School. It is linked with Counselor’s Office, a new service that we now use in the college counseling office. It will allow us to share information efficiently and communicate more effectively with students and families.

What can it do?

  • Compare colleges
  • Track deadlines
  • Submit transcripts and recommendations electronically
  • Track college recommendations
  • Show schedule of college visits
  • Links to selected third party resources (i.e. College Board, Financial Aid, College Athletics, College searches, etc.)
  •  Produce scatter grams
  • Share plans
  • Complete surveys

Log on to http://connection.naviance.com/greenhills
In the login box entitled “New User?” enter the registration code that is on your card.
On the registration page, fill out the fields using an email address that you check regularly and a password that you will not forget. Check “I accept” in the box provided. Then click the box “Complete registration.”

Once you have established your account, you will access the site with your e-mail and password.

You are now registered for Family Connection!
Your next page is your “Home Page.” This page gives information about the Greenhills School Counseling Office and is the launching point into all aspects of the program.

1.  On the left toolbar, under About Me, click on my inbox. Any email messages from your counselor or Naviance will go here and to your email address that you entered on your registration page.

2.  Click on my profile. nYou will see the general demographic information we have for you. All of this information comes from Infinite Campus. You have the ability to edit your email address – please keep this current, as this will be our way of contacting you about important events and notices (i.e. class meetings, college rep visits, etc.).

3.  Click on my resume. This is where you keep a record of all your awards, activities and accomplishments throughout your high school years. This will help you have all this information in one place for your college applications. Naviance has predetermined options for achievements, but you can fill in whatever you wish in the Additional notes section.

4.  Click on my colleges. This is where you will add any colleges you are interested in looking at. Start by entering schools under the “colleges I am considering.” If you click on the name of the school, it will take you to a page with loads of information, including how you compare, and tabs to find information on admissions, financial aid and tuition, as well as a scatter gram graph of Greenhills students who’ve applied and their results. You can also click on the link to that school’s website.

5.  Click on college search. This allows you to search for colleges according to your personal search criteria such as location, major, and other things that are important to you. When you complete a search, you can add prospective colleges to your list by clicking on the “Pick” button beside the college name and then “Add to list” button at the top of the page.

6.  Visit Schedule” will tell you when college reps will be coming to Greenhills.

7.  Play with my colleges and college search features. Remember to mark this site as a favorite so you can remember how to access it! Show your parents all the cool things you can do on Family Connection from now until you graduate!