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  1. Where are Greenhills students from?

    Sixty-six percent of Greenhills students are from Ann Arbor, and 34 percent live elsewhere in southeastern Michigan, including Ypsilanti and cities as far away as Fenton, Jackson, Farmington Hills, and Monroe.

  2. Is transportation to Greenhills provided?

    Greenhills offers opportunities to consider carpooling through, an easy app to help students find ride partners. Greenhills also offers a morning bus option that services nearby communities including Plymouth, Canton, Northville, and Novi. Learn more here.

  3. What activities do students do outside the classroom?
    • Activities in the Middle School include but aren’t limited to: Book Club, Service Club, Student Council, Gryphon Club (Spirit Club), Improvisation, Forensics, Science Club, Alcove (student newspaper), Diversity in Action, Math Club, Art Club, Chess Club.
    • Activities in the Upper School include but aren’t limited to: ACTivate the Cure, Asian-American Affinity Group, The Alcove (newspaper), Chess Club, Diversity/ Service Day, Evergreen (literary magazine), Forensics, Forward (yearbook), Gay-Straight Alliance, Green Initiatives Group, Jazz Band, Math Club and Tutoring, Musical (spring), Operation Smile, Orchestras, Peer Counseling & Meditation, Pencils of Promise, Play (fall), Science Olympiad, SOAR (Students Organized Against Racism), Student Council, T-Wall B-Ball, Upper School Service, Voo-Doo Theatre.
    • Students are able to form new clubs and activities with support from a faculty sponsor, so the list is constantly evolving based on their interests.

  4. What athletic programs does Greenhills offer?

    Greenhills offers participation in the following sports:

    • Boys: cross country (Middle School, Varsity); golf (Varsity); soccer (Middle School, Junior Varsity, Varsity); basketball (MS, JV, V); baseball (MS, V); tennis (MS, JV, V); lacrosse (MS, V); track and field (MS, V); coed: swimming (MS, V); coed: swimming (MS, V, co-operative program with Father Gabriel Richard and Whitmore Lake); and hockey (co-operative program with Father Gabriel Richard.)
    • Girls: basketball (MS, JV, V); cross country (MS, V); field hockey (MS, JV, V); tennis (MS, JV, V); volleyball (MS, JV, V); soccer (MS, JV, V); softball (MS, V); golf (V); track and field (MS, V). co-operative program with Father Gabriel Richard and Whitmore Lake); and girls have also played on the co-operative Greenhills/Father Gabriel Richard hockey team.

  5. Are students supervised after school?

    For middle school students who do not have a sports practice, rehearsal, or club meeting after school, the After School at Greenhills program (ASG) provides a safe and supervised place every day from 3:30-6:00 p.m. Middle School students and their families can opt to use ASG on an as-needed basis and are billed a small fee through the student’s account on days they stay after school. ASG provides time for homework, a snack break, and quiet socializing.

  6. What is the college counseling program like? Where do Greenhills students end up after high school?

    The college counseling program at Greenhills is designed to support and serve each Greenhills student as he or she seeks challenging and rewarding ways to continue education after graduation. Approaching each student as an individual with distinctive strengths, needs, and aspirations, the college counseling staff also seeks to provide assistance for the student’s parents. We focus on helping each student to find and matriculate at a college or university which will offer appropriate challenge and support, which will be comfortable, and at which the student will grow apace. 100% of graduates attend college.

  7. What percentage of the student body qualifies for the Variable Tuition Program?
    • 22 percent of the student body receives a variable tuition rate
    • The average variable tuition rate $13,000
    • 40 percent of the families in our Variable Tuition Program earn incomes of $75,000 to $150,000 per year

  8. What is variable tuition?

    A family’s variable tuition rate is determined by an analysis of household finances. Your tuition rate is thus a reflection of your family’s unique circumstances.

  9. What kind of financial profile is typical of a family that receives a variable tuition rate?

    There isn’t a specific profile of a family;, it varies. About 40% of families in our Variable Tuition Program have incomes ranging from $75K - $150K.

  10. Do some families pay no tuition? Full tuition?

    Unless on scholarship, every family is expected to make a financial investment in their child’s education. Families who do not choose to apply for the Variable Tuition Program rate pay full tuition.


  1. Do you accept international students?

    Yes, each year we accept a few highly qualified international students into the Upper School.

  2. Do you issue I-20s?

    Yes, after an international applicant has been admitted and completes their enrollment agreement including establishing their tuition payments.

  3. Do you offer an ESL (English as a Second Language) program?

    No, we do not offer ESL classes.

  4. Do you offer a homestay program?

    No, we do not offer a homestay program. At the time a student applies, they must also submit notarized proof of guardianship if the student is not living with their parents.

  5. Do you have a minimum TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score?

    Yes, we require a minimum score of 100 on the TOEFL or 750 on the TOEFL Junior.

  6. Do international students qualify for the Variable Tuition Program?

    No, families of international students are not eligible to receive a variable tuition rate and are responsible for paying full tuition.


  1. What are the different components of the application?

    The Greenhills application consists of student work samples, grade reports, recommendations, and an interview. Each family also is required to complete a questionnaire, and the student completes a day-long visit.

  2. Are standardized tests (such as SSAT) required?

    No. Testing at Greenhills is optional. We know that testing is just one way to measure a student's success. If you and your student feel that testing is a representation of your skill, or you have previous test scores you would like to submit, we highly encourage you to submit them with your application.

  3. When are applicants notified of their admission decision?

    Applicants who successfully submit all forms by the December deadline will be notified of their decisions by the end of January, and applicants to the January deadline will be notified by mid March. For applications received after the deadline, we will mail decisions on a rolling basis based on availability.


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