You can sense it in the architecture, where nature meets nurture.

We’re driven to constantly innovate, test out new ideas, and keep pushing the boundaries of our thinking. And with the undeveloped acres surrounding our school, we have plenty of room to let our one-of-a-kind imaginations run wild.

Our seventh graders use a nearby stream to collect water quality data. There’s a geothermal data logger to track and record energy use. A green roof for students to get a hands-on opportunity studying photosynthesis. And then there’s our very own weather station that was born out of a senior project. Oh, and did we mention that we even have our professional-grade recording studio? The list goes on and on.

Goodbye, average and ordinary.

What better way to top off -- literally -- a green portion of our building than with a green roof? That's what we did in the Bill and Lisa Ford Wing for a Sustainable Future several years ago, and our students are still reaping the benefits, whether by studying the plants that comprise the roof or measuring the difference that roof makes in heating and cooling the building. Oh, and contributing to a sustainable planet is a pretty significant benefit, too.

The Class of 2007 had a great idea for a class gift that would keep on giving: a wind turbine. It's been spinning above the Bill and Lisa Ford Wing for a Sustainable Future ever since.

At Greenhills, tying things together across different curricula is a signature measure of what we do. So after the Class of 2007 gave a wind turbine to the school, and after a parent donated a weather station, and after the school acquired a small solar array, it wasn't long before Greenhills science teacher Chris Gleason and her husband Jim began crafting the Gleason Renewable Energy Dashboard. Now teachers and students around the school use data gathered by the dashboard to demonstrate different concepts and calculations in a variety of disciplines.

Our new lunch program, managed by PlumSmart, features fully compostable tableware and utensils.


In 1968, Greenhills opened our doors to 64 students. Today, approximately 520 students in grades 6-12 traverse our halls. As we celebrate 50 years of extraordinary education, we stand upon the foundation of our past and reach toward our future.

Enduring Mission, Ambitious Vision

The Campaign for the Future ushers in a new era for Greenhills School.

Founded upon a strategic vision, this fundraising initiative is updating and expanding gathering spaces that lie at the heart of the school’s daily life.

When you are educated in a community this tight-knit and caring, the learning comes naturally and reverberates in an uncontrollable shockwave throughout the community.

Charles Rivkin ’15


The Center for Mindful Wellbeing is home to a holistic approach to wellness and a place where students have access to mindfulness activities, guided meditation, and yoga, among other activities and tools. The Center offers a combination of structured six-week sessions during students’ free periods as well as drop-in hours, during which students can utilize the space to meditate, journal, or eat quietly.