In our 50-year history, our student athletes have won 25 state championships.

That’s impressive by anyone’s measure, but perhaps more importantly, they’ve done it while taking part in a carefully balanced program that emphasizes community, scholarship, and respect for teammates and opponents alike.

Our athletics colleagues around the state agree: Greenhills is one of only 25 schools ever chosen for an Exemplary Program Award.

Welcome from THE Athletics Director

Welcome to Greenhills Athletics! We are the Gryphons!

Our robust program aims to pursue excellence in sportsmanship and fair play, the development of individual and team skills, the exertion of best effort, personal and team responsibility, as well as the will to win. We expect that the advantages of such a program of excellence are not to be measured solely by benefits to participating students, but will also reflect performances in which the Greenhills community can take pride, and will produce positive attitudes and general support from parents, alumni and the greater community.

We offer 20 varsity sports in high school – 10 for girls, 10 for boys -- and 17 sports in the middle school.

Greenhills is a member of the Catholic High School League and, over the years, has earned 25 Michigan High School Athletic Association state championships. All students are encouraged to find their niche and participate in the program.

Meg Seng
Director of Athletics

All students are encouraged to participate IN competitive team sports.

This involvement develops leadership, teamwork, loyalty, and wellness as lifelong pursuits.

The middle school athletic program emphasizes participation and versatility as well as the positive attributes of competitive play.

The upper school program introduces and teaches the values of interscholastic, competitive play. Coaching at the upper-school level stresses up-to-date training methods, goal-setting strategies, proper conditioning, and nutrition.

Sports Offered

Boys Cross Country (MS, JV, V)
Coed Swimming (MS, V-coed)
Girls Soccer (MS, V)
Girls Cross Country (MS, JV, V)
Girls Tennis (MS, JV, V)
Girls Volleyball (MS, JV, V)
Boys Basketball (MS, JV, V)
Boys Baseball (MS, V)
Boys Tennis (MS, JV, V)
Girls Basketball (MS, JV, V)
Girls Softball (MS, V)
Girls Field Hockey (MS, V)
Boys Ice Hockey (V)
Boys Track (MS, V)
Boys Soccer (MS, JV, V)
Girls Track (MS, V)
Girls Golf (V)
Boys Lacrosse (MS, V)
Boys Golf (V)
Girls Lacrosse (V)

Our two gyms are only the most visible of our athletic facilities.

Greenhills also boasts a well-equipped fitness center, an outstanding tennis facility with eight courts, a batting cage, a softball diamond, and fields for soccer, field hockey, and lacrosse.

And the facilities will get even better in 2019, with the final project of our "Greenhills at 50: Campaign for the Future." Plans include an expanded, synthetic turf soccer field for multi-sport play, encircled by a full eight-lane, Olympic-style track that encompasses field events within its oval.

About Our Coaches

At Greenhills, we believe in the power of relationships. That's why you'll find a high percentage of our coaches are also faculty members -- especially at the middle school level.

Faculty coaches know their players both on and off the field, and they know what's happening in our building each day. A coach's most important job is teaching, after all, and ours do it well. Having coaches who are also professional educators ensures that our students come away from their athletic experience with important lessons they can apply off the field, too.