Welcome from the Head of the Middle School

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Greenhills’ middle school. Greenhills is a place where young people hone the skills that will help them follow their academic, artistic, and athletic passions as they move through young adulthood. Our middle school program provides a strong foundation upon which future academic and professional experiences can be stably built. We are mindful not only of the importance of academic rigor, but also of the need to develop habits of discernment, camaraderie, and compassion. Our students are Greenhills’ most emphatic spokespeople. When you visit, if you chat with any among them, you will learn much of what Greenhills offers.

We embrace the rapid development that takes place throughout the middle school years. Our faculty well understands the need to accept all students for who they are—at each moment, on each day—while working to lead them toward the next developmental milestone. We know that new technologies will continue to create new jobs, to reshape the skills required in existing disciplines, and to remind us that the abilities to communicate and to solve problems will remain salient. At Greenhills, we foster a collaborative team in which faculty, staff, students, and parents work together to forge a dynamic community.

Jonathan Schwartz
Head of Middle School

Middle school is an exhilarating time.
A time when abilities and interests are constantly explored and discovered.

Greenhills' middle school program supports students as they navigate these years.

The Greenhills middle school experience begins in 6th grade, when students from across the region are welcomed into an intimate forum area by a caring and cohesive group of teachers who are solely responsible for instructing the grade. Students begin to undertake tasks calling for personal organization, critical thinking, individual creativity, independent and collaborative work, and good study habits, all under the close guidance of committed teachers.

Teachers continue to cultivate a nurturing environment so that 7th and 8th graders are prepared to meet increased expectations for academic and social responsibility. Teachers on each team meet weekly to discuss student performance and plan grade-level activities.

All middle school students are assigned to an advisory, a small group of students who meet several times a week with a faculty advisor to check in and engage in activities and discussions.

8th graders leave middle school with a deeper awareness of their own abilities and unique gifts, well prepared for the demands of our college preparatory upper school program.

Greenhills middle school supports intellectual, physical and emotional growth. With the help of some unique programs, our students are challenged, nurtured and fully prepared for their upper school experience.


Our middle school curriculum challenges students to:
  1. Think systematically, discovering connections and finding meaningful relationships within and across disciplines.
  2. Participate as global citizens, becoming actively aware of the world, respecting and valuing global diversity and diversity within our school community.
  3. Demonstrate adaptability and a willingness to cope with uncertain, new, rapidly changing, and often challenging conditions.
  4. Develop confidence and competence to effectively use communication and social skills, including writing, public speaking, and collaborating in person and digitally.
  5. Effectively manage information including finding, evaluating and synthesizing information, organizing and transforming data, and interpreting various representations of data.
  6. Strive to self-manage, self-motivate, and self-monitor to work independently and as a member of a team, and to monitor one’s own learning.
  7. Contribute to a positive and inclusive school community that embraces caring for the welfare of others. This includes learning how to assume responsibility for actions, accepting consequences, and learning from mistakes.
Faculty teams meet weekly to discuss each student and his or her progress, needs and goals.