We have a talent
for seeing the deepest, truest you.

We design our curriculum to challenge a broad range of students from grades six to 12. Advanced courses, off-campus field trips, and community service activities present opportunities for growth and education in different ways.

Our middle and upper schools are located in the same building, and students develop friendships and mentoring relationships through programs like middle school math tutoring, in which upper school students help middle schoolers, and our popular Senior Buddies program, which teams twelfth graders with sixth graders.

Our average class size is 15 students, but many sections are smaller, especially in the upper school, where advanced courses expand. These small class sizes and a personal, nurturing environment in which students develop close relationships with faculty are among the hallmarks of a Greenhills education.

Curriculum Innovation

Keeping classroom content current, keeping it consistent with best practices and research, and engaging our students with lively and relevant instruction are all cornerstones of the Greenhills experience.

The following programs provide the means for faculty to achieve these goals:
  1. The DeLay family created the Pauline McMillan DeLay Endowment which supports an annual award honoring Mrs. DeLay’s classroom experience as a teacher and her desire to inspire and recognize faculty in their continuous efforts to bring the classroom alive, keep their content current and relevant for their students and continue to expand their teaching knowledge.
  2. Since its inception in 2001, the Paulus Faculty Growth and Learning Program has provided funds for faculty professional development including the creation of new courses and innovative approaches to existing classes.
  3. Through Summer Curriculum Development grants, faculty members are eligible for funding and are encouraged to dedicate some of their summer to collaborate on curriculum projects individually or with their colleagues.

Middle School

The Middle School program encompasses grades 6-8 and features courses in English, math, science, social studies, foreign language, fine and performing arts, computers, and health and wellness. The Middle School offers its own athletic program, extracurricular activities, social events, and Student Council.

Upper School

The Upper School, grades 9-12, offers a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, which includes core requirements in English, math, science, social studies, foreign language, fine arts, and physical education. These classes are further enriched by compelling academic electives and opportunities in athletics, drama, music and forensics, as well as student-produced publications, student government and service learning. The Upper School program culminates in seniors designing, producing and presenting the results of an independent project of an investigative and/or creative nature.


The English Department challenges students to develop their ability to read, think, speak, and write effectively. Reading and writing assignments increase in complexity both within a given year and throughout the seven years of instruction. Students explore works that represent a variety of genres, media and cultures.

Fine and Performing Arts

Arts education is essential for every student. The faculty of the Department of Fine and Performing Arts at Greenhills believe that our mission is to promote creative expression, communication skills, problem solving, and inventive thinking.

Health and Wellness

The Wellness Department offers courses designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills and ability to make healthy choices. Classroom curriculum is supported with extracurricular physical activity opportunities offered throughout the year, such as intramural and interscholastic sports programs.

History and Social Sciences

The History and Social Science Department believes that if students are to function as responsible Americans and world citizens, they must have a strong foundation in American, European and world history, as well as comparative culture, humanities and the social sciences.

Mathematics and Computer Science

The mathematics curriculum provides students with a rigorous and comprehensive program of college preparatory mathematics. Problem solving is an important life skill and the mathematics faculty firmly believes that every student, with the proper support and level of challenge, can successfully master mathematics.

Modern and Classical Languages

Language classes combine a rigorous, scholarly approach, where the traditional linguistic skills - reading, writing, speaking, and listening - are embedded in a creative, motivating and cultural context. We teach all our modern languages immersion-style. By studying traditions, history, literature, politics, music, and art, students experience the richness of the world's diversity.


Our award-winning science program fosters an appreciation for and knowledge of science so that students can make informed decisions in our increasingly technological world. It also prepares students for college-level work, especially those who want to enter science-related fields.


This course follows an innovative format in order to allow students and teachers to take several deep dives into passion projects oriented around the humanities. The goal is depth over breadth. Students will take part in a series of two-week units of intensive instruction on topics in the realm of fine and performing arts, history, literature, and philosophy.

Service Learning

Service learning teaches the value of civic participation and develops an ethic of service and civic responsibility. Our students volunteer at non-profit agencies, government and civic organizations, and right here on our campus.

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