So does our program.

“Know thyself.” It was Socrates’ motto, and we find it works well for college counseling, too. Self-knowledge is essential for the college process and for life, and we want our students to be as prepared as they can be for both.

That’s why, starting freshman year, we get students to reflect on what matters to them. What values they discover and what meanings they make shape their time at Greenhills and beyond. And as students figure out what they want from life after high school, our counselors serve as mentors and guides. They help students find the best college they can—the one that will stir the most growth and prepare them for a meaningful, fulfilling life.

One hundred percent of Greenhills graduates ultimately go to college—to places like Harvey Mudd and Harvard, the University of Michigan and Oberlin, and many dozens more. Greenhills grads also do more than just get in to college. They show up. They go to college ready to savor the intellectual and personal riches that it offers, ready to make the most of their four years.

Greenhills School College Profile

This at-a-glance view of Greenhills, with facts, signature programs, and a matriculation list, is what we share with college counselors across the country.


Greenhills is hosting its college visits in-person and accepting requests via SCOIR. If you are a college representative and would like to schedule a visit, please use the link below.

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Yaneli Ruiz-Buss Co-Director of College Counseling
Jonathan Schwartz Co-Director of College Counseling
Jenny Larson Associate Director of College Counseling
Jill Dixon Teacher; College Counseling NCAA Liaison; Summer Program Coordinator

So we begin in 9th grade.

This allows each student the time and resources to recognize the best-fit college for them. Here's how it works:

  1. 9th Grade – Introduction

    Throughout the year, college counseling partners with the Fresh program to promote student reflection and well-being. Fresh is a year-long initiative that provides ninth grade students with interactive experiences designed to deepen self-awareness, increase social connection, and develop the academic skills necessary to navigate upper school at Greenhills. The activities in Fresh help students gain a better understanding of their emerging identities and their journeys as learners, laying the foundation for the introspective work we’ll return to in junior year as we guide students through the application process. In the spring, ninth-graders are introduced to the significance of their academic records, and they look at what lies ahead.

  2. 10th Grade – Exploration

    Students continue to develop and reflect on their personal interests, both in and out of school. This process begins to point to college and what students hope to get out of it. We educate students about standardized testing options and explore reasonable timelines for taking them. Over the summer students are encouraged, if possible, to visit a variety of schools—public vs. private, urban vs. rural, big vs. small, research vs. liberal arts—either in person or virtually. They can then begin to form a picture of college life and what colleges may interest them. Parents and students gain access to Naviance and SCOIR, web-based college counseling resources, and learn how they help with the college search and college application process. Group seminars, focusing on these and other aspects of the college process, will be offered in the winter and spring.

  3. 11th Grade – Introspection

    Things get more specific. Students begin to think, in more detail, about how their individual reflective journeys relate to college, and they begin to construct college lists and prepare for applications. Counselors and students begin working together individually in November. In the spring, counselors work with students in a series of small groups—our Junior Seminars—to cover the college process top-to-bottom. Students develop a standardized testing plan based on the colleges and subject areas that they’re interested in. By summer, students are ready to embark on the application process.

  4. 12th Grade – Application

    During senior year, students finalize their college search and ultimately apply. From August through November 1, we focus exclusively on seniors and helping them navigate the application process. Essay and application workshops are held during weekends in the fall. Ultimately, the result is young adults with a number of options who are comfortable, confident, and prepared to excel in college.


Colleges and Universities Students are Accepted to and Attend

The best college or university is the one that is right for each individual student. We help students identify schools they should consider, earn acceptance at those schools, and then help each one evaluate their options and choose the one that's best for them. Click on the links below to see where students have been accepted and where they decide to go.

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