Athletic Program Philosophy

Greenhills Varsity Basketball

Greenhills Varsity Basketball

The athletic program at Greenhills advances the academic mission of the school. It affords all students opportunities for intellectual and social growth in a number of areas, including: kinesthetic and spatial skills development and mastery; self-discipline and self-knowledge; and the principles of civility and community.  The program promotes fair and age-appropriate competition. In addition, the program complies with the policies, guidelines and recommendations of the Michigan High School Athletic Association and the accompanying obligations of Class C member schools.

All students are encouraged to participate in the athletic program’s diverse offerings from team sports and outdoor adventures to wellness education and individual fitness activities. Integrity and ethical conduct in and out of the playing arena are prized.

All coaches at Greenhills are educated to incorporate the school’s academic mission into their approaches: from teaching the fundamentals of the sport to training at higher levels of skill and competition. Coaches are expected to foster the idea that leadership and team membership are responsibilities rather than rights.

In middle school, the program emphasizes participation and versatility as well as the positive attributes of competitive play. At this level, coaching stresses the educational value of sport,  its contribution to healthy lifestyles and behaviors and the social skills requisite for team membership and privileges.

In upper school, the program reinforces middle school program competencies. At the same time, it introduces and teaches the values of rigorous interscholastic competitive and championship play. Coaching at the upper school level stresses up-to-date training methods, proper conditioning and nutrition, motivational and goal-setting strategies, and knowledge of the traditions of the sport being played.

Friendship, tolerance and respect for oneself and others, dedication to excellence and love of challenges, team commitment and loyalty, and above all, enjoyment and fun, are highlighted and integral at all levels of the sport experience at Greenhills.