Through our Mindful Wellbeing program, we aim to support students in learning how to hit the “pause” button in a world that expects them to be in constant motion, facilitating introspection and the ability to regulate emotions and observe thoughts.

We believe these skills are essential and have an important place in education, preparing our students to lead intentional and fulfilling lives.

Integrating mindfulness, yoga, and meditation into school settings has become increasingly common. A substantial and growing body of literature suggests that mindfulness practice can improve emotional regulation, support learning and attention, reduce stress, and promote positive emotions. At Greenhills, we are committed to bringing these evidence-based best practices to our students, faculty, and families.

The Mindful Wellbeing program at Greenhills School offers a combination of structured experiences within the middle and upper school health and wellness classes, along with a for-credit course that is offered to 10th-12th graders. Students explore topics such as mindset, habit formation, self awareness, neuroanatomy, gratitude, and kindness.