Signature Programs

  • 6th Grade Senior Buddy Progam – each fall, every 6th grader is matched with a  senior.  They meet together weekly for planned activities and events.
  • Grade Level Overnight Trips – in an effort to reflect curricular themes and provide a grade-building experience, 6th graders enjoy hands-on learning activities at Walled Lake Recreation Center, 7th graders visit Mackinac Island to learn about its historical significance and  8th graders travel to Washington, D.C. to reinforce civics concepts.
  • World Day Project – Students gain important technology, research and writing skills through a two-month exploration of a country.  At the same time, students investigate a global issue such as hunger or overpopulation within their chosen country and identify an action plan for change.
  • Integrated Public Speaking – In 7th and 8th grade, integrated units of study in public speaking are woven into English, science and social studies curricula.
  • 8th Grade Capstone Projects – Each year, 8th graders embark on two year-long academic projects:  the Memoir Project (a bound portfolio of personal writing and artwork) and the Sustainability Action Project (SAP) – an intense research project focused on an issue of sustainability.