All candidates for admission are required to submit the Greenhills Application, which includes basic personal information, candidate short answer and essay questions (depending on the grade), teacher recommendations, a parent statement, the Character Skills Snapshot, SSAT test scores (for admission to 9-11th grade), and transcripts from schools attended.

To complete the first step in the admission process, click here. Within 24 hours (except on weekends), your information will be imported into our database, after which you may log back into your account and continue the application process.

We are now accepting rolling applications for the 2018-2019 school year! 

Admission to Greenhills is selective, and not all applicants are admitted.

If you would like to reapply to Greenhills, please contact the admission office to talk about the possibility of reactivating your earlier application.

Required Visit and Interview

Every applicant is required to visit Greenhills for a full day, from 8a.m.-3p.m.  We will pair you with a current student and you will attend classes and participate in the daily life of the school.  During your visit you will also have an interview with a member of the admission team during which we will engage in a conversation with you about your current school, why you want to attend Greenhills, and how you like to spend your spare time.  The interview is informal, but is part of the admission process.

What about siblings? Learn about our Early Decision Option

For current Greenhills families considering having additional children apply to the school, we have  an Early Decision Option. To learn more about how the program works, please click here.

Who Gets Admitted to Greenhills School?

The largest groups of students enter Greenhills each year in grades 6 and 9, but students are admitted to all grades as space permits (students are rarely admitted to 12th grade, and usually only if they are moving to the area). Greenhills attracts a student body of approximately 550 students, which is inclusive of many different interests, abilities, and backgrounds. Students represent the racial, economic, religious, and cultural diversity of Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, and the surrounding communities. An increasing number of students coming to Greenhills from Plymouth, Canton, Northville, Novi, Brighton, South Lyon, Pinckney, Milford, Dexter, Chelsea, Saline, and other communities demonstrates the appeal and value of a Greenhills education to a broad range of students and families. The Admission Committee works to support these aspects of the school’s inclusiveness.


This is the most important factor in the Greenhills admission process, and therefore admission to Greenhills is based on many criteria including essays, teacher recommendations, the academic transcript, participation in extracurricular activities, test scores, the Greenhills school visit, and the interview. While each piece of the application plays an important role in assisting the admission committee in making a decision, no one piece—neither essay nor test scores, for example—will be the deciding factor. The admission committee takes a holistic approach, and each application will be read in detail by at least three people including the Director of Admission, who reads every application.