Fit is the most important factor in the Greenhills admission process.

Admission to Greenhills is based on many criteria, including academics, extra-curriculars, and character.

To evaluate these we look at transcripts, short-answer responses, teacher recommendations, and your student’s visit. While each piece of the application plays an important role in the admission committee’s decision, no one piece—neither the writing sample or the interview, for example—will be the deciding factor. The admission committee takes a holistic approach, and each application will be read by at least four people, including the Director of Admission, who reads every application.

Spend a Day with Us

As part of the admission process, all our applicants spend a day touring the school, meeting with an admission officer, and attending classes with an assigned “Greenhills Buddy.”

Visiting Greenhills is a great opportunity to see the school in action, ask questions, and decide if Greenhills is indeed the right fit.

During the visit each visitor (grades 6-11) will have a one-on-one interview with a member of the admission staff, be asked to compose a short writing sample from a prompt, and complete a math skills worksheet to be turned in before leaving.

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