Continuing to Build Relationships Remotely.

Greenhills is built on a strong foundation of relationships. That hasn’t changed. Though we can’t invite you into our school or host all-day visits for prospective students, we are still regularly meeting with families and admitting students for the 2020-2021 school year.


Among the most distinctive and unique features of the Greenhills campus are our forums. Each grade level has its own communal space where students gather before school, between classes, and after the day has ended for moments of connection, collaboration, and fun. We welcome you to join us in a virtual version of our beloved forum spaces. Designed specifically with prospective students in mind, these informal yet informative gatherings on Zoom will be led by current Greenhills students. Parents and caregivers, while this specific program is for kids, we hope that you will attend one or more of our other offerings.

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Each session of our  “Life @ Greenhills” series provides families with the opportunity to take a deeper dive into one of the various programs our school has to offer and hear from the faculty who support our students on a daily basis.

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The next best thing to being able to see Greenhills in action is to see it from the comfort of your home. Check out this virtual tour video playlist for a glimpse of Greenhills School, and don’t hesitate to reach out if we can answer any questions.