Supporting the endowment and/or restricted fund most meaningful to you provides for the school’s future. Be it the sciences, the arts, financial aid, diversity initiatives, faculty professional development – wherever your passion lies – building Greenhills’ funds now is a great way to ensure the academic, ethical and artistic legacies of this school.


Endowments and other restricted funds allow us to strengthen our programs. Endowment dollars are invested, the principal of the original gift is protected, and they grow. As the fund grows, the Board of Trustees’ conservative spending policies protect the asset, but allow the school to use a portion of the earnings. Just like personal savings or investments allow you to improve or maintain your home, purchase a new vehicle, pursue your interests, or provide for an education, Greenhills’ endowments allow us to provide the best possible education for our students.

Financial Aid Endowment

This endowment supports middle- and low-income families and students, thereby creating a school that is socially, racially, economically, and culturally diverse.

Alyce DePree Financial Aid Fund

This award, honoring former English teacher Alyce DePree, provides assistance to students interested in studying the arts and humanities.

The Gordon Family Financial Aid Fund

Established in 2005 by Frank and Karen Gordon in response to the Edward E. Ford Foundation Challenge, this award provides financial assistance to students who otherwise would not be able to attend Greenhills.

Helmut F. Stern Financial Aid Endowment

Established in 2004 in response to the Edward E. Ford Foundation Challenge, this financial aid endowment supports the Greenhills mission: finding the best in all students while guiding and mentoring them through their individual process of self-discovery.

Jane Morel Financial Aid Endowment

Established to honor one of Greenhills’ most dedicated and caring volunteers, the Jane Morel Financial Aid Endowment supports ongoing financial aid for Greenhills students. 

Karla Knox Moody ’74 and David Moody, Jr. Financial Aid Endowment

This award supports qualified students through their Greenhills journey.

Lorne Forstner Financial Aid Fund

Established when English teacher Lorne Forstner retired in 2004, this award supports Greenhills students’ discovery of the love of learning. Gifts made to this endowment in 2005 were given in response to the Edward E. Ford Foundation Challenge.

Peter Fayroian Financial Aid Fund

Established in 2012 in honor of former, at the time, Head of School Peter Fayroian. Mr. Fayroian has since returned to Greenhills and is again serving as Head of School.

Ty Compere Financial Aid Fund

Dedicated to the memory of forensics standout Ty Compere, this award is given to a Greenhills student who wants to participate on the forensics team.

Zakhour I. Youssef Financial Aid Endowment 

Established by alumni Francie Youssef ’84 and her brother Issa Youssef ’86, in honor of their father, this fund supports need-based scholarship assistance for African-American students.

General Endowment

This endowment supports the general operations of Greenhills. 

Adrian Wade Wright Memorial Endowment

This fund honors Adrian Wade Wright, a student who represented the essence of the Greenhills mission through his pursuit of excellence inside and outside the classroom. The fund supports students’ attendance at conferences as well as counseling and diversity initiatives at the school. 

Campbell Center Endowment

Established in 2007 with gifts from the 10th Anniversary Gala and from gifts 

given in memory of Jim Posante, this fund supports and maintains the theater, art gallery, and the programs associated with the 

This fund supports and encourages highly skilled writing at Greenhills through the McDowell Fund for Writing Excellence Competition and through the Visiting Writer Program.

FAculty Compensation Endowment

Established with the Edward E. Ford Foundation Challenge in 1985, this fund supports faculty salaries and raises. 

Foreign Language Fund

This fund supports Greenhills’ exemplary foreign language programs.

The Kinnear Family Technology Learning Endowment Fund

This endowment supports computer technology initiatives that enhance learning and teaching excellence. 

Krystal Heitman Memorial Endowment Fund

Established in 2006, this fund honors the memory of beloved Greenhills staff member and parent Krystal Heitman by supporting student activities and events. 

Patrick and Elisa Savageau Memorial Fund

Established in 2000, this fund honors the memory of Patrick Savageau ’98 by supporting student events and activities. 

Paulus Faculty Growth & Learning Program and the Edward M. Read Endowment 

This endowment supports an innovative professional development program for Greenhills faculty.

Retired Faculty Benefits Fund

In 2005, Jeff Loomans ’85 and Patricia Munter established this fund, with a 1:1 challenge to all alumni, to provide supplemental medical benefits for retired faculty. 

Sincock Family Endowment 

This fund promotes student interaction with academic, artistic, business, and scientific communities outside of Greenhills in order to increase student understanding of the real world. 

Visiting Artist Endowment

Established in 1999 by David and Lois Baru, this endowment strengthens Greenhills art programs and the school’s reputation by having outside artists work with students or perform. The Class of 2004 adopted this fund in honor of Lorne Forstner. 

Visiting Scientist Endowment

This endowment, established by the Class of 2005, enhances the reputation of Greenhills by strengthening its science programs through presentations by experts and leaders in scientific fields. 

Arleen Schwartz Scholarship Fund

Named in honor of one of Greenhills’ outstanding teachers, this college scholarship is awarded to encourage and promote young women in the study of mathematics. 

Florence H. Leslie Math Prize

This college scholarship honors a graduating senior for high achievement in mathematics outside of Greenhills, and for their service sharing their talent within the school community. 

The Greenhills History & Social Sciences Award

Established in 2016 through the generous donation of a Greenhills family, this award recognizes a senior student who has demonstrated academic and extracurricular excellence in the study of history and social sciences during his or her Greenhills career. Recipients are selected based on their sustained engagement in, passion for, and commitment to critical historical investigation and analysis. 

The J. Anthony Paulus Award

Created in 1994 to honor former head of school J. Anthony Paulus, this award recognizes two seniors—one male, one female—who best exemplify the values of Greenhills. 

The Jay DeLay and Pauline McMillan DeLay Award for Learning and Teaching Innovation

This award was established in 1990 by former faculty member Jeanine DeLay in honor of her mother, an Ann Arbor teacher. Since 2002, the award has recognized faculty creativity, experimentation, and innovation.  

Jean Diekoff Memorial Latin Prize

The Jean Diekoff Latin Prize annually recognizes one Middle School and one Upper School Latin student for their performance, effort, and dedication. Originally established through the generosity of William Stegeman ‘80, the prize was renamed and re-dedicated in 2013 with support from Ms. Diekoff’s former students, colleagues, and friends in recognition of her devoted service as a Latin teacher and beloved member of the school community from 1971 through 1998.

The Jim Posante Award

This award was established in 2008 by Brian and Mary Campbell in honor of the many contributions Jim Posante made during his 30 years as beloved head of the Greenhills theater program. The award recognizes and assists senior students who have flourished on the stage.

Athletic Endowment

This endowment supports facility maintenance, uniforms, equipment, and other general needs. 

John Lawrence and Jeanine DeLay Athletic Internship Endowment

This endowment supports an athletic internship at Greenhills in partnership with the Academy for Sport Leadership. 

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