At the 2006 Auction for Excellence, Honorary Chairs Craig and Sue Sincock presented guests with a $50,000 Endowment Challenge. Their challenge was to match – with their own endowment gift – dollar-for-dollar, gifts made or pledged to Greenhills endowments through June 30, 2006.

Supporting the endowment most meaningful to you provides for the school’s future. Be it the sciences, the arts, financial aid, diversity initiatives, faculty professional development – wherever your passion lies – building Greenhills’ endowments now is the single best way to ensure the academic, ethical and artistic legacies of this school.

Endowments allow us to strengthen our programs. Endowment dollars are invested, the principal of the original gift is protected, and they grow. As the fund grows, the Board of Trustees’ conservative spending policies protect the asset, but allow the school to use a portion of the earnings. Just like personal savings or investments allow you to improve or maintain your home, purchase a new vehicle, pursue your interests, or provide for an education, Greenhills’ endowments allow us to provide the best possible education for our students.

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Other Endowments

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