Two Greenhills memorial funds support student events and activities.  

The Krystal Heitman Memorial Endowment

The 2006 ACTivate the Cure performance was dedicated to the memory of Krystal Heitman: a basketball, volleyball, and soccer mom to Ashley and Derek; a loving wife; a Greenhills administrative staff member; a friend to many. Krystal’s battle with breast cancer lasted 5 years.

Krystal’s generosity, gentle grace, and determination always inspired those around her. If she were here today, she’d be proud to be part of an effort aimed at eradicating cancer, through research, for future generations. She’d be wondering what difference she could make, and she’d be quietly planning how.

Krystal could always make each person feel they were important, and she cared greatly about the spirit of a community – how we support one another and how we interact, with respect for one another. She cared so much that she asked her family to create an endowed fund here at Greenhills; something that would last forever and assure that no student was left behind for a field trip, couldn’t afford their books, or couldn’t buy the new fleeces the members of this year’s basketball team were ordering.

They have. The Krystal Heitman Endowment will support the small things that could cause a student to feel out of place, or as though they weren’t part of the team or a valued member of this community. We invite you to consider joining Krystal’s fund, her parting wish for the community of Greenhills: that we look out for one another with kindness.

The Patrick and Elisa Savageau Memorial Endowment

The Junior Class has adopted the Patrick and Elisa Savageau Memorial Endowment.

Patrick was a Greenhills student, Class of 1998, who died in a climbing accident shortly after graduation. His Greenhills experiences spurred those around him to create this endowment in his memory, so that Greenhills students in the future would benefit. The thought: it’s the quality of the whole Greenhills experience that makes this place so special.

Then, in 2017, Patrick’s sister Elisa, a member of the Greenhills Class of 2002, also passed away. As a result, the Savageau family renamed the endowment fund to include and honor Elisa, as well.

Greenhills is a community that values mutual trust and respect. It’s a school where inclusion is fostered and encouraged, and it’s a school with a very diverse student body. New students regularly come from more than 25 different elementary schools across the region. They come with different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. Some students have never left the 10 mile radius around their home, and others were born in foreign countries. This endowment is meant to assure that no matter who you are or where you’ve come from, you can fully participate in the Greenhills community, be it a camping trip to the Pinery, a special expedition undertaken by the Outdoors Club, the annual 8th Grade trek to Washington, DC or any of the other varied student activities taking place throughout the year.

Greenhills’ community members always come forward to make sure each child can and does participate, fully, in the life of the school. The Patrick and Elisa Savageau Memorial Endowment does just this. A gift today helps a student tomorrow, as well as students 20 years from now.

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Saturday, April 24
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