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An inspirational ending—and beginning—for 2016 grads

27429626462_627fa964fc_oIn a weather window that appeared to have been custom-built just for them, the Greenhills Class of 2016 walked across the stage on a Sunday afternoon and into the next phase of their lives.


The celebratory program featured remarks by Head of School Carl Pelofsky, Class Principal Bruce Zellers, Student Speaker and Class President Ian Harris, and Faculty Speaker Mark Randolph, along with music by the Upper School Orchestra and the Upper School Choir.

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Pelofsky recalled that, while interviewing for the Head of School position four years ago, it was a member of the Class of 2016 who piped up during a question-and-answer session that “When you make a speech … try and have a point.” Wryly, Pelofsky pledged to do so.

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In his talk, Harris lauded the close relationships between students and teachers at Greenhills, and also recalled that his was a graduating class that was never satisfied with taking things at face value. For his part, in addition to reading a short stretch of The Canterbury Tales in the original Middle English, Randolph also urged the audience to think hard about the education process, and to make sure that in the future it is a system that nurtures genuine and passionate learning over mere sorting and competition.

Hear the choir performance here

Graduates and their families and friends shared memories and laughs from Greenhills careers that, for many of the graduates, stretch back seven years.  And while the laughs definitely dominated, more than a few parents could be seen dabbing at their eyes as the program unfolded. Congratulations and well done, Class of ’16!

Saturday, April 24
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Greenhills is closed for mid-winter break and will return on Tuesday, Feb. 22.