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Convocation 2012: Seniors Take Up Mantle of Leadership

Convocation 2012:At Convocation this morning, all eyes were on the 81 members of the Class of 2013.

In his opening remarks, head of school Carl Pelofsky charged seniors (the “designated school leaders”) to uphold the Greenhills mission of being intellectual, ethical, artistic, athletic, curious, creative and responsible:  “As we begin the school year, we look to you to be thoughtful, reflective people,” Pelofsky told the class, then added:  “You have your own moral compass, set of values and world view.  We ask that you allow all of that to be challenged.  Be open to what comes. Allow yourself to grow and change.”

Head of middle school Jamey Hein echoed Pelofsky’s charge and asked seniors to consider the impact they will have on the younger students.  “Remember that what they learn from you will influence them for years to come,” Hein said.  “Consider yourself role models…that the most meaningful stamp you can make is to embody the ideal of this school’s mission…Remember you are modeling the best of Greenhills.”

It was a charge readily accepted by the Class of 2013.

“We are quite excited about this upcoming year,” said class president Ally Hogikyan, who, as a lifeguard, brought a “noodle” prop with her onstage as a message to all students. “If you take away only one thing that I say today, it’s this:  We will always have a noodle ready for anyone who needs it.”

Seniors who also spoke about how they plan to make a difference this year included Henry Aspegren (academics), John Lazarsfeld (athletics), Jordan Pesci-Smith and Adrian Karnani (arts), Rhiannon Tomtishen and Madi Vorva (service), and Lauren Heinonen (sustainability).

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