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Seniors Honored at Convocation 2013

With the new school year gathering steam, Convocation 2013 Monday morning served both to honor the Class of 2014 and—thanks largely to the class’ own leadership—also to remind all seniors of the crucial leadership role they play at Greenhills.

Overall crowd shot of Convocation 2013The Convocation, an annual Greenhills tradition, began at 8 a.m., after students from all grades had gathered in the auditorium in the Campbell Center for the Performing Arts. Head of School Carl Pelofsky kicked off the ceremony with opening remarks that highlighted the infinitesimal difference, at least in geological terms, between the youngest and oldest members of the Greenhills community—and the vast difference, in human terms, between sixth grade and twelfth grade.

“In the world we live in, the difference is so large … it’s nearly unmeasurable,” he said.

The talk was followed by brief remarks from Head of Middle School Jonathan Schwartz, Class Principal Bruce Zellers, and Head of Upper School Catherine Renaud, who recommended that seniors live in the present and concentrate, during their final year at Greenhills, on doing their best.

“I promise you, June will arrive,” she said. Until then, “be in the moment as much as you can.”

Class President Delaney Feldeisen then took the podium, praising her classmates’ sense of teamwork and urging younger students not to hesitate to come to the seniors for help. Other senior class members spoke, as well, including Abhil Shastry on academics, Elisia Ceballo-Countryman on athletics, Maggie McMillin on service, and Gus Nordhielm on the arts.

Dean of Students Luke Jansen closed out the ceremony by reminding students of the importance of rituals in building a school culture.

Rituals, for example, like the annual Convocation.



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