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Convocation Speakers Set Tone for New Year

The all-school convocation last Monday celebrated the start of the new school year and featured six senior speakers. Class president Chris Owyang set the tone first, sharing the class’s goals for the new year.  Five other senior leaders then spoke about the roles the Class of 2012 plan to take in all areas of school life:  Chen Chen (academics), Lindsay Conlin(performing arts), Raissa Xie (fine arts), Grace Judge (community service) and Marissa Thompson (sports).  Below are excerpts from each senior’s remarks.

Convocation Speakers Set Tone for New Year-OwyangChris Owyang ’12 – Sr. Class President

“This class never fails to impress me. That’s why I think each and every one of us has the potential to serve as a model student and model citizen. For the past few years we’ve really kept our kind nature to ourselves creating a community with truly unbreakable bonds. But now its time to spread the love 2012. We’re leaders now. So here’s our promise to you, Greenhills. We promise to help out anyone who needs a hand. We promise to challenge the norm and set examples for the future. We promise to make this year, the best year in Greenhills history.”

Convocation Speakers Set Tone for New Year-ChenChen Chen ’12 – Academics

“.. In fact, the class of 2012 takes on academic challenges with unparalleled passion. We treat them as a way to discover our weakness and as an opportunity to improve ourselves. Moreover, our enthusiasm also helps engender a very competitive environment in the class of 2012. As many of my classmates are taking advanced courses, they seek to outdo each other on performance such as grades and class participation. It is not necessarily an act of aggression, but a subtle method to motivate each other towards greater excellence.”

Convocation Speakers Set Tone for New Year-ConlinLindsay Conlin – Performing Arts

“The class of 2012 excels in the performing arts like no other. We have huge participation in things such as activate and voodoo. There are always multiple people from our class that come back with number one rankings in solo and ensemble. We make up the casts and crews of the plays and musicals, and fill our orchestras, choirs, and jazz bands. Being a part of a group like that is similar to being on a sports team. It unites people, and gives us something to be enthusiastic and proud of. Now, as seniors, it is not just our turn to be a part of these ‘artistic teams,’ but to lead them with spirit, unity, and most importantly, support.”

Convocation Speakers Set Tone for New Year-XieRaissa Xie – Fine Arts

“There are many opportunities at Greenhills that you may not otherwise have. Taking advantage of these opportunities is vital for growth. And while art may not be your science homework due tomorrow at 8am, it certainly is something worth taking advantage of. Art has the ability to bring people together, and regardless of talent, art is something that influences all of us in our everyday lives. And if the arts are practiced as a part of education, then we truly are all Greenhills students – living in one big extended family.”

Convocation Speakers Set Tone for New Year-JudgeGrace Judge – Community Service

“We are a group that is naturally drawn to leadership, and now we are in a position to truly set the tone. It will not just be about advancing our own efforts, but about encouraging people from all over the school to pursue their interests and their passions – to get involved with issues that interest and motivate them. Not only will this senior class continue to further its own causes, but, through our efforts, we will also create a climate that emphasizes the importance and the potential of eveyone’s contributions through community service.”

Convocation Speakers Set Tone for New Year-ThompsonMarissa Thompson – Sports

“The Class of 2012 is proud to wear the Greenhills name on our jerseys. But leadership from a senior class comes not only on the field. Of course, we are expected to play fair and with class, but as the heads of teams we pledge to be examples to you all off the field or court as well. The Class 2012 is comprised of a united coalition of not just athletes but fans as well, creating a support system at all sporting events that really shows the other teams what Greenhills is all about. We always cheer each other on, always attend games for sports that we don’t even play, and always bring the energy. Nobody has more spirit than the Class of 2012.”

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