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Frank Lloyd Wright ‘Masterpiece’ a Highlight of Art & Architecture Class Trip

By Max Sergent ’12

Frank Lloyd Wright 'Masterpiece' a Highlight of Art & Architecture Class TripAs the temperatures began to head south earlier this month, Mrs. Dann and her American Art & Architecture class headed west. They traveled to Grand Rapids in an effort to tour various architectural home styles in the greater Grand Rapids area. Ranging from Queen Elizabeth to Bungalow homes, many stuck out to the students and sparked much enthusiasm in later class discussions.

One of the primary reasons for their field trip, the Meyer May House, is an architectural icon to the Heritage Hill Historic District in which it resides. Built in 1909, Frank Lloyd Wright’s “masterpiece” recently celebrated its 100-year anniversary. It would not have reached the age it is today without the renovation and continued support of Steelcase, a local furniture company based in Grand Rapids. Started in 1985, the renovation was headed by Steelcase, and took months of meticulously painstaking labor searching for blueprints as well as other tasks such as restoring pieces around the home. Finally it was completed in 1987 and opened to the public.

This historic tour meant a lot to the students and their understanding of Wright’s architectural style. As the trip drew to a close and the students began their voyage home, the bus took a detour through Marshall in order to stop at the Honolulu House for a prime example of Italianate architecture, as well as a to make a quick stop to an old-fashioned Denny’s Diner for a delicious ending to an enjoyably educational trip.

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