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‘Global Citizenship’ 2010-11 Theme for Middle School

At Friday’s all-middle school assembly, head of middle school Jamey Hein unveiled the theme for this year:  Global Citizenship.

“Now more than ever, we see and read the world’s events in real time and in concentrated doses,” Hein told students. “Some events are joyful ones like the Olympics which every four years brings together diverse countries and manages to broadcast events all day—both online and on TV. Our world is full of events which can shake us as well—wars and terrorism, crippling oil leaks, earthquakes, and floods.”

This past summer, all middle school students were required to read Three Cups of Tea, an inspiring book about global citizen extraordinaire Greg Mortenson, a mountain climber-turned-education advocate who is devoted to building schools for children (mostly girls) in Afghanistan.  Other middle school activities in support of the Global Citizenship theme will include:

    • In geography, 6th graders will research global issues and study the Millennial Development Goals
    • 8th grade advisories will lead assemblies to educate middle schoolers about global citizenship
    • 7th grade students will study a local stream to understand global impact on water quality
    • Through foreign language, students will become equipped with cross-cultural communication skills
    • In science, 8th graders will explore alternative energy sources to discover global benefits
    • Summer school trips are planned to France, Japan and Costa Rica

“Being a global citizen doesn’t require a passport or a plane ticket,” Hein said in his closing remarks. “I hope this year you can look at some of your learning experiences here in our middle school as opportunities to make global connections, to become sensitive to diverse cultures, and to take actions for global causes. I look forward to our journey and discovering how we can all think and act as global citizens here at Greenhills.”

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