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Melanie Hoff Wins This Year’s Nancy’s Basket Award

Melanie Hoff Wins This Year's Nancy's Basket AwardThis year’s winner of the Nancy’s Basket Award (named for Nancy Judge, one of Greenhills’ founders) is current parent Melanie Hoff Head of school Peter Fayroian presented Hoff with the top volunteer award Saturday night at the Auction for Excellence.

In his remarks Fayroian said:

“The mother of 2010 graduate Tyler and soon-to-be 2011 graduate Emily, Melanie has served Greenhills devotedly and gracefully in both leadership roles and ‘behind-the-scene’ roles. She has been the GPO lead rep for both the middle and upper schools, and is always one of the first to step forward to help with our many school events and projects. Class principals and team leaders know and appreciate first-hand how valuable she has been to their grade level events, and to our forensics and swim team coaches.

“Melanie is the current head of our Parent Ambassadors Committee, working closely with our admission office in the recruitment and transition of new students, and she’s an active member of our Promise. Renewal. Opportunity. major gifts committee. She has hosted school events in her home for both these efforts, and back in 2005 served on the school’s strategic marketing task force. Melanie’s easy and inclusive style has brought many new ideas to our efforts to improve the school over the past eight years, and has done so with her inimitable grace, smarts and quickness to laugh.

“Many of you also know that Melanie’s green thumb rivals only her wizardry with baked goods, and as a neighbor of her and Curtis, I can attest to this both in the blooming hostas around our house and my bloating waist line. Melanie, you are most deserving of this year’s Nancy’s Basket Award. Congratulations.”

Saturday, April 24
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