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More Outstanding Senior Projects

On Thursday, May 26, seniors presented their senior projects at the Senior Project Festival.  Below are a few more examples of projects that were undertaken by the Class of 2011.

More Outstanding Senior Projects-01Internship at the University of Michigan Museum of Art and a Whistler-Inspired Short Film by Maia Akiva and Kara Krause 

During our two-week internship at UMMA we met with many of the people who help to make it such a successful museum; from the Director to the Events Specialist to the Research Curator, everyone has an important role in this production. Additionally we drew and researched multiple pieces from its collection in order to appreciate the art on a deeper level. After observing the museum’s collections, Whistler’s painting, Sea and Rain, became the inspiration for our short film made for the DialogTable, an interactive table where people can explore works in depth. Ultimately we emerged from this experience more conscious about the decisions that go into museums, and with the aspiration to pursue art history, museum studies, and curatorial courses in college.

More Outstanding Senior Projects-02Coffee Roasting by Abby Sagher and Maya Price

The most commonly shipped product worldwide is oil.  The second most commonly shipped product is coffee. This might seem like a surprising thought, but when you really think about it how big a role does coffee play in your life?  Or, if you don’t drink coffee, how big a role does coffee play in your peers’ lives?  For us, coffee is essential.  We asked ourselves, what could be better than learning about our favorite part of the morning?  For our senior project, we spent two and a half weeks interning at RoosRoast Coffee with the owner, John Roos.  We learned how to roast and appreciate coffee as well as learn the ins and outs of the industry.  It was a wonderful opportunity and we learned a lot.

More Outstanding Senior Projects-03Projecting Perspective by McKenna Kring
For two and a half weeks I worked with four different artists in the medias of Stained Glass, Ceramic Tile, Printmaking, and Watercolor. The goal of my senior project wasn’t only to explore new visual art mediums and enhance technique, but to also study the people behind these art professions and hobbies. I not only learned the mechanics of the materials, but also how and why artists project their perspective through the visual arts. I learned the processes for the different materials, but I also learned the ropes behind the pulley system of production. Between discussion and shadowing I was able to gain an insight that allowed me to understand just how much work goes behind the visual arts whether they are a source of revenue or a hobby. This project affirmed for me that it is possible to healthily keep the visual arts in a person’s life, whether it be either for professional or for personal reasons.
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