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National Spanish Exam Results 2010-2011

Every year Greenhills students from Grades 8-12 compete in the National Spanish Examinations. Gold certificates are given to students placing in the 95th–100th percentiles in the entire nation on the exam. Silver certificates are given to students placing in the 85th–94th percentiles, Bronze certificates are given to students placing in the 75th–84th percentiles, and Honorable Mentions are given to students placing in the 50th–74th percentiles.

Winners from Spanish 8 at Level I: (32, 926 participants)
Gold: Anna Krauss, Naveen Sandhu, Nicholas Sandhu, Maaz Shariff, Alexander Wegrzyn
Silver: Zachary Andrews, Catherine Persad, Palavi Prabhu, Gina Vasey
Bronze: Maeven Barry, Anicka Gajar, Diego Garcia, Nicole Jakabczin
Honorable Mention: Isak Akervall, Colin Hindle, Daniel Irani

Winners from Spanish I at Level I: (32,926 participants)
Gold: MaKaila DeSano-Smith
Bronze: Zainab Bhurgri
Honorable Mention: Bisrat Abebe, Hajra Bhurgri, Grace Gardner, Sarah Gargaro, Natalie Golata, Chloe Hwong, Betsy Ojo

Winners from Spanish 2 at Level II: (32,395 participants)
Silver: Lauren Middleton, Kyle Nowak, Lalitha Ramaswamy, Ashley Robinson, Mithun Saha, Madi Vorva, Jessica Williams, Dominic Johnson (outside experience, 8th grader in Level II)
Bronze: Sarah Barber, Elisia Ceballo-Countryman, Nate Donaldson
Honorable Mention: Liz Baker, Sydney Bartell, Ally Chatas, Lang DeLancey, Abe Estenson, Piyush Goyal, Sam June, Connor Kacynzki, Madison Martin, Sara Menzies, Florence Rivkin, Michael Vanek, Davis Vorva

Winners from Spanish 3 at Level III: (26, 326 participants)
Silver: Henry Aspergren, Nadia Azad, Jacob Oestreich
Bronze: Miriam Akervall, Adrian Karnani, Sarah Sloan, Carrie Wixom, Emily Zubieta                                                                                                        Honorable Mention: Henry Do, Casey Gardiner, Sung-Won Hong, Kayla Mandel, Anya Parampil, Alexander Turner

Winners from Spanish IV and IVAP at Level IV: (15, 306 participants)
Gold: Shamik Ganguly, Katherine Krauss
Silver: Anna Pan, Joe Hakim, Katie Irani, Marissa Thompson
Bronze: Jill Hakim
Honorable Mention: Corinne Gardner, Gabriela Kaplan, Kara Krause, AJ Brandtneris, Jonathan Kanellakos, Jackie Spears

“Nereida Nazzaro, Kevin Olson, Lisa Ortiz and I are extremely proud of our students’ accomplishments — that so many are among the best in the nation,” says Spanish teacher Elaine Moffat.

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