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Students, parents fill college admissions workshop

About 140 people came to Greenhills for a recent college admissions workshop, hosted by the College Counseling office and featuring admissions representatives from 13 colleges and universities from coast to coast.

The workshop featured 13 sessions for students and parents, each led by one of the admissions officers, who flew in for the event from nearly every corner of the country. During the sessions students and parents broke down applications from three fictitious students applying for admission to the equally fictitious Westbrook College.

Participants learned some of the things admissions officers look for in an application, and some of the things that differentiate candidates from one another. They also learned the importance of the college essay, and how factors beyond academic performance – including geography, demographics, and the college’s own goals – affect admissions decisions.

The workshops were followed by a brief college fair in the Greenhills dining room, where students and parents were able to mingle with the admissions officers and pick up information from all institutions that attended, including:

  • Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
  • Butler University, Indiana
  • Case Western Reserve University, Ohio
  • Emory University, Georgia
  • Hobart and William Smith Colleges, New York
  • Kalamazoo College, Michigan
  • Northwestern University, Illinois
  • New York University, New York
  • Reed College, Oregon
  • Rhodes College, Tennessee
  • Scripps College, California
  • Southern Methodist University, Texas

“We were delighted to have such high turnout, both from these prestigious institutions and from our students and parents,” said College Counseling Director Betsy Ellsworth. “This is important information for our students to have as they consider their college careers, and we’re glad we were able to help provide it.”