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2017 McDowell awards honor student writing

McDowell speakerMore than 100 Greenhills authors submitted works for this year’s annual David McDowell Awards competition, which honors the best student writing in a wide variety of categories.

The awards, named for Greenhills’ third head of school, are presented each year to students who write essays, poems, plays, fiction/memoirs, and journalism.

This year’s winners were honored at an awards assembly Monday morning. The gathering featured guest speaker H. Luke Shaefer, a University of Michigan professor who also is director of Poverty Solutions, an interdisciplinary initiative at the university that works to prevent and alleviate poverty.

Shaefer praised the students’ work, and reminded them of the historical impact of strong writing.

“There is no more powerful way to impact the world than powerful writing,” Shaefer said. “Writing can alter the course of events.”

This year’s winners include:

Category Winner Grade Level Pen Name Title of Work
Journalism Bonnie Liu 11th Rainbow Chipmunk “Affirmative Action: Dine and Discuss Inspires Thoughts”
Poetry Rita Ionides 6th Sierra Edelweiss “A Letter to the Bumblebees”
Poetry*** Ana Stewart 8th Holly Multiple Titles
Poetry Julia Bohm 11th Hg Multiple Titles
Fiction/Memoir Emma van Alstine 6th “Journey to the Beyond”
Fiction/Memoir Makayla Harris 8th Oh Glowing Eyes “The Stage, Bryce, and the Kid Next Door”
Fiction/Memoir Julia Bohm 11th Hg “These Are the Days When Birds Come Back”
Essay Arjun Purohit 8th “My True Colors”
Essay Divya Macha 11th “Analysis of the ‘Africanist’ Presence in Grey’s Anatomy
Playwriting Andy Xie 12th Dandy Jumo “Fracture”
Pen Name Award MS Jingqi Geng 8th Song in the River City
Pen Name Award US Adam Buchmueller 11th The Grumpalo








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