We Are Greenhills

Our students graduate as literate, caring, thinking and morally responsible individuals. Meet some of those students, past and present, and the dedicated educators who work with them every day.


Maggie (Segall) D’Amico ’99

"At Greenhills, I learned how to ask questions and really engage with a subject matter in a way that challenged and maximized my understanding and learning. I carried this foundational skill with me through college and law school, and continue to use it in my professional work every day."
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cropped annie

Annie Rubin, Greenhills parent

"There are so many things that I love about Greenhills. I love the passion, commitment, and intelligence of the teachers.
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Charles Rivkin ’15: On Academics

"I need not preach the academic excellence of this school. If you question it even for a second, I implore you to stroll our cinder block hallways one afternoon.
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Adam Baru

Adam Baru, ’89

"My Greenhills teachers pushed me beyond my comfort zone to get something more, something better. I learned as much from my failures as my successes. And this built drive, humility, and ultimately leadership.
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Sandy Stojkovski

Sandy Stojkovski, ‘91 – President of Scenaria, Inc. – a member of the AVL Group

“During my first semester at Greenhills I recall struggling to memorize all the information for a big biology test when a relatively new friend asked me if I wanted to study together. Learning and using her study methods helped me realize a much better study system and I ended up getting my first A in biology on that test.
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Allie Chatas ’14: Why Greenhills?

"When I was contemplating my choices for high schools I thought about what I wanted to do in those four years.
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Ross – 11th Grade

"I play basketball and baseball and at first I thought I'd have more of a future in sports at a bigger school.
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Emily Wilson-Tobin

Emily Wilson-Tobin ’96 – Theater and drama teacher

"I am immensely grateful for my Greenhills education. While my coursework was instrumental in setting the foundation for my future studies, my experience here was about so much more than academics.
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Grace – 9th Grade

"When I first visited and shadowed Greenhills, this school really stood out because of the energy level it had compared to other schools I had visited. It impressed me because of all the various activities going on, and there was so much spirit everywhere.
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Michael Powers

Michael Powers – Math Teacher

"I am so fortunate to be a part of a community in which I can read, discuss, argue about, and revel in so much with my students.
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