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Greenhills among 45 schools testing new character assessment tool

CSAWebBadgeBlue-andoverAn exciting new way to assess character traits like empathy, teamwork, and integrity is being tested by the Secondary School Admission Test Board, and Greenhills School is one of only 45 independent schools selected from around the world to help.Such traits are signs of values and character in action, and each is part of what independent schools are looking for in potential students. That is why Greenhills  is pleased to participate in the beta testing pilot year of SSATB’s innovative Character Skills Assessment (CSA). The CSA is a groundbreaking new tool that will help our admission team understand the unique contributions  applicants might make to the Greenhills community.

In past years, the SSATB has administered tests that measure academic aptitude, and schools across the country like ours use those tests as part of the application process. But there is much more to an application than simply academic achievement—or even academic potential. This new companion assessment, the CSA, hopes to gauge those values and character traits that we’re looking for in prospective Greenhills students.

Participation is optional, of course, and in the next week all currently enrolled 6th through 10th graders will be invited to take the 30-minute assessment online at home. In addition, all applicants to 9th and 10th grades who are signed up to take the January SSAT will be offered the opportunity to participate in the online CSA beta. Since we are in a beta test phase, test  results or choosing to opt out of participation will have no effect on admission decisions.

We hope you will consider helping SSATB make the admission process more robust by participating in this important assessment. More information on the CSA is available here.

Saturday, April 24
Open to anyone ages 16 and up. Limited quantities available.
Greenhills is closed for mid-winter break and will return on Tuesday, Feb. 22.